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2016-11-06 Habitat - HVNN.com

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Men’s Group Utilize Skills in the Preservation and Restoration of Safe and Durable Housing to Those Living in City of Poughkeepsie and Surrounding Areas
November 6, 2016


New porch after Faith Assembly Men’s group volunteers complete reconstruction
of the structure for “Make a Difference Day”.

POUGHKEEPSIE – For the third straight year members of the Shift Men’s Ministry at Faith Assembly Church in Poughkeepsie came out to support the Dutchess County, Habitat for Humanity’s annual “Make a Difference Day” event. On a rainy Saturday, October 22nd eleven volunteers from Faith Assembly demolished and began the reconstruction of a dilapidated back porch at a home in the City of Poughkeepsie returning on Saturday, October 29th, to complete their mission.


Dilapidated porch before “Make a Difference Day”

“Make a Difference Day would not be possible without the commitment of groups like the men from Faith Assembly,” said Make a Difference Day Coordinator, Barbara Adams. “They perfectly personify the spirit of the event by working together on every facet of the project. Their skills and talents give me the confidence to assign them some of our most challenging repair efforts year after year.”

The Faith Assembly Shift Men’s Ministry looks to help men make the shift from self-centered lives to God centered lives and therefore to others centered lives. Recently, the men have offered their professional expertise to guide those overwhelmed by some legal challenge, joined students at Faith Christian Academy in their “Socktober” event that feeds and clothes the needy during the winter months and have continued their ongoing home repair ministry to church members that was modeled after their experience working as part of Habitat for Humanity’s annual “Make a Difference Day”.

“I began volunteering with Habitat for Humanity many years ago when the City of Poughkeepsie School District teachers union I was part of began doing summer work projects to assist Habitat,” said Faith Assembly’s, Skip Hoover. “Three years ago I asked the men in our church if they would like to take part in a Make A Difference Day event and they were all for it. Habitat’s mission is to put God’s love into action and Faith Assembly’s mission is to build a community that serves the community, so it is a perfect match.”




Last Published: November 10, 2016 11:50 AM